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Presenting New Work by Women+ Playwrights Since 2011

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3GT's History: 2011 to 2023

Check out our celebratory booklet made in honor of AJ Baker's contribution to 3GT in shaping the company as a Founding Artistic Director!

To view,  press the X made of arrows and the book will enlarge to an new window. Use the arrow on the right to flip through the pages. 

Thank YOU for your support throughout the years and for coming back to view our current and future projects!

Salon Staged Readings 2012-2024







  • Chalk Lines by Elizabeth Appell

  • Even What Little She Has by Elizabeth Gjelten

  • One Foot on the Water by Linda Ayres-Frederick

  • The Lies That Bind by Victoria Evans Erville

  • The Pennsylvanian by Jennifer Roberts

  • Chantilly Lace by Robin Bradford




  • Driving the Girls by Cat Brooks

  • Swimming with Puppies by Susan Jackson+

  • MAV Mum Murder by Linda Ayres-Frederick

  • Brady’s Shorts 3 by Lee Brady

  • Meth by Elizabeth Flanagan+

  • Policarpa by Diana Burbano

  • Accommodations by Jennifer Lynne Roberts



  • Reflections on growing up, throwing up and getting up in years by Margery Kreitman

  • Training Wheels by Robin Bradford

  • Hudson’s Wife by Susan Jackson+

  • The Umbrella Play by Linda Ayres-Frederick

  • Leavin’  Will by Lee Brady

  • The Family Trick by Elizabeth Appell

  • ‘Tasha by Cat Brooks +*

  • Harry and Maura by Elizabeth Flanagan


  • Disruption by AJ Baker+*

  • When the Bough Breaks by Suze Allen

  • Counting Trolls by Robin Bradford

  • Slow Waltz in a Southern Clime by Lee Brady

  • Kicking Facebook by Margery Kreitman

  • Miracle Lake by Susan Jackson+

  • Moon Walkers by Elizabeth Appell

  • All Fall Down by Lisa Ramirez


  • Samaritan by Susan Jackson

  • Digitally Yours Upgrade 2016 by Margery Kreitman

  • Something Broken by Suze Allen

  • Big Mike and Peaches by Brady Lea

  • Country Matters by Lee Brady+

  • Slice by Robin Bradford+*



  • Flash by Suze Allen

  • Entanglement by AJ Baker+*

  • Kicking Facebook by Margery Kreitman+

  • The Legend of Casanova by Robin Bradford

  • Five Old Norwegian Women by Lee Brady

  • Losing It by Patricia Milton

  • The Effects of Ultraviolet Light by Claire Rice



  • The Anniversary Effect by AJ Baker +

  • Henrietta English by Lee Brady+

  • Flash! by Suze Allen

  • Soul Stone by Margery Kreitman

  • Low Hanging Fruit by Robin Bradford

  • Moments of Truth by Patricia Milton and Caroline Altman +*


  • Southern Lights by Lee Brady

  • Moments of Truth by Patricia Milton and Caroline Altman

  • Amore by Mary Knoll

  • The Boot by Margery Kreitman

  • 20 Friends by Michelle Carter

  • Ghosts of Route 66 by Robin Bradford


  • Not Without Our Women by Patricia Milton, Andy Black and Caroline Altman

  • To Be Merry by Mary Knoll

  • Magician’s Choice by Lynne Kaufman

  • Saving Andrea by Suze Allen

  • Hardware Store Indian by Robin Bradford and Joe Wolff

  • A Singular Story by Margery Kreitman


  • The Right Thing by AJ Baker

  • Janice & Shelley & Jo by Lee Brady

  • Glickman’s Third Act by AJ Baker

*New Works Festival Prize Winner

+Salon Series Finalist

LezWritesBTQ Readings 2019-2023




  • Under the Same Moon by Troy Rockett

  • "Retreat: The Battle Within. Day One" by Margery Kreitman

  • Condors by LZ Zepher

  • Worst. Boyfriend. Ever. by Julia Jackson

  • Generation Sex by Kristy Lin Billuni

  • Stepford Wife Wannabe by Kelly J. Kelly

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