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Salon Staged Readings 2012-2023






  • Chalk Lines by Elizabeth Appell

  • Even What Little She Has by Elizabeth Gjelten

  • One Foot on the Water by Linda Ayres-Frederick

  • The Lies That Bind by Victoria Evans Erville

  • The Pennsylvanian by Jennifer Roberts

  • Chantilly Lace by Robin Bradford


  • Driving the Girls by Cat Brooks

  • Swimming with Puppies by Susan Jackson+

  • MAV Mum Murder by Linda Ayres-Frederick

  • Brady’s Shorts 3 by Lee Brady

  • Meth by Elizabeth Flanagan+

  • Policarpa by Diana Burbano

  • Accommodations by Jennifer Lynne Roberts



  • Reflections on growing up, throwing up and getting up in years by Margery Kreitman

  • Training Wheels by Robin Bradford

  • Hudson’s Wife by Susan Jackson+

  • The Umbrella Play by Linda Ayres-Frederick

  • Leavin’  Will by Lee Brady

  • The Family Trick by Elizabeth Appell

  • ‘Tasha by Cat Brooks +*

  • Harry and Maura by Elizabeth Flanagan


  • Disruption by AJ Baker+*

  • When the Bough Breaks by Suze Allen

  • Counting Trolls by Robin Bradford

  • Slow Waltz in a Southern Clime by Lee Brady

  • Kicking Facebook by Margery Kreitman

  • Miracle Lake by Susan Jackson+

  • Moon Walkers by Elizabeth Appell

  • All Fall Down by Lisa Ramirez


  • Samaritan by Susan Jackson

  • Digitally Yours Upgrade 2016 by Margery Kreitman

  • Something Broken by Suze Allen

  • Big Mike and Peaches by Brady Lea

  • Country Matters by Lee Brady+

  • Slice by Robin Bradford+*



  • Flash by Suze Allen

  • Entanglement by AJ Baker+*

  • Kicking Facebook by Margery Kreitman+

  • The Legend of Casanova by Robin Bradford

  • Five Old Norwegian Women by Lee Brady

  • Losing It by Patricia Milton

  • The Effects of Ultraviolet Light by Claire Rice



  • The Anniversary Effect by AJ Baker +

  • Henrietta English by Lee Brady+

  • Flash! by Suze Allen

  • Soul Stone by Margery Kreitman

  • Low Hanging Fruit by Robin Bradford

  • Moments of Truth by Patricia Milton and Caroline Altman +*


  • Southern Lights by Lee Brady

  • Moments of Truth by Patricia Milton and Caroline Altman

  • Amore by Mary Knoll

  • The Boot by Margery Kreitman

  • 20 Friends by Michelle Carter

  • Ghosts of Route 66 by Robin Bradford


  • Not Without Our Women by Patricia Milton, Andy Black and Caroline Altman

  • To Be Merry by Mary Knoll

  • Magician’s Choice by Lynne Kaufman

  • Saving Andrea by Suze Allen

  • Hardware Store Indian by Robin Bradford and Joe Wolff

  • A Singular Story by Margery Kreitman


  • The Right Thing by AJ Baker

  • Janice & Shelley & Jo by Lee Brady

  • Glickman’s Third Act by AJ Baker

*New Works Festival Prize Winner

+Salon Series Finalist

LezWritesBTQ Readings 2019-2023




  • Under the Same Moon by Troy Rockett

  • "Retreat: The Battle Within. Day One" by Margery Kreitman

  • Condors by LZ Zepher

  • Worst. Boyfriend. Ever. by Julia Jackson

  • Generation Sex by Kristy Lin Billuni

  • Stepford Wife Wannabe by Kelly J. Kelly

Scratch Performances
(Works in Progress)