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We need your support to put Women's Work On Stage, Where It Belongs!

Which amounts make the most Impact?

$2500 - Reading Producer: A donation of this amount covers all production costs associated with a 3GT Staged Reading: compensation for all artists, venue rental fee, script printing, and health and safety best practices.

$1000 - Workshop Producer: A donation of this amount covers the cost of 3GT Professional Development Workshop, which offers skills to succeed as a professional artist to the 3GT community for FREE.

$500 - Venue Rental: A donation of this amount will give a script a physical home by supporting us to rent venues for our Playwrights’ Readings.

$200 - Artistic Collaborator: A donation of this amount covers the artistic fee for a Dramaturg, Actor, or Director to participate in a Reading by our Playwrights

$100 - Playwright Fee: A donation of this amount compensates a Playwright for her artistic expertise and labor during the rehearsal process for her Reading.

$50 - Script Printing: A donation of this amount gives our Playwrights the ability to print scripts for actors and other collaborators, so they can take notes and and stay present during rehearsals and readings. 

$25 - Ticket to a 3GT Show: A donation of this amount is equal to the cost of a ticket, and gives us the ability to keep 3GT performances accessible to all. 3GT practices Radical Hospitality, meaning no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. 

$10 - COVID-19 Test: A donation of this amount gives our collaborators and audiences peace of mind by helping us test all actors and other collaborators who don’t wear masks at our performances, to stay in line with health and safety best practices in a “post-COVID” world.

We use PayPal Giving Fund, a secure nonprofit-friendly interface, to process your donation without fees. 

Hate donating online? 

No problem!  Just send your check to:

3Girls Theatre Company
1034 Kearny Street
San Francisco CA 94133

3Girls Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. EIN: 45-1296583

Creating opportunities for women theatre-makers

As 3GT celebrates our 12th anniversary we’re more passionate than ever about bringing you new plays by women theatre-makers. But to do it, we need your support! In 2011, 3Girls Theatre Company’s founding mission was frequently met with bemused indulgence. Today everyone’s talking about the importance of hearing women’s voices, on stage and everywhere else.

Where Do Your Tax-Deductible Contributions Go?

The largest part of your donation goes to compensating our artists and staff for their time and talent.  3GT is committed to paying meaningful stipends to the playwrights, directors, dramaturgs, performers, designers and other theatre artists who help 3GT bring new plays to life.   In addition, donor dollars make it possible for 3GT to offer all of our performances either completely free to the public or on a sliding scale at the door by underwriting production costs.


Why Do Arts-Lovers Like You Support 3Girls Theatre?

Because like you, they believe the voices of women deserve to be heard onstage. 3Girls Theatre Company challenges the status quo by developing, promoting and presenting plays made by Bay Area women. 3GT is one of very few companies nationwide that both develop and produce exclusively new work by women theatre-makers. But we’re only able to do it thanks to the support of our community.


Experience Theatre Created by Women!

3GT started with a single program, the Salon Reading Series: monthly staged readings of new plays written by a small cohort of seasoned Bay Area women playwrights “in their prime.” Today, our company offers development and performance opportunities to an ever-expanding group of women theatre-makers who reflect the uniqueness and diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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