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3GT Reading Series

An intersectional space for our emerging writers to develop their original works-in-progress. 


3Girls Theatre’s (3GT) Reading Series supports emerging San Francisco playwrights who have been historically excluded from having their work produced: women over 40; Black, Indigenous, and women of color (BIWOC); and LBTQI+ women and artists assigned-female-at-birth. We provide everything a playwright needs to succeed, including paid dramaturgs, directors, casts, performance venue, and marketing support.



Each year, the Company invites emerging Bay Area women+ playwrights 40+ to apply for a slot in our Reading Series cohort by becoming a Brady Fellow. Our Brady Fellows Program offers artistic support, commitment and community to women+ theatre-makers "in their prime" who share 3GT's passion for bringing stories told by women+ to the stage. We provide each Brady Fellow with a professional team and resources, including a dramaturg, director and cast. We support their new play through drafts to a staged reading for a live audience, a springboard for further development. We will soon be introducing a new Fellowship to provide further opportunities emerging playwrights. 



Our 2023-2024 Season includes readings twice a month starting in 2024: In the Fall, we will be workshopping with our cohort to develop a show for public readings. Our free monthly staged readings take place at the landmark Phoenix Theatre located in the San Francisco's vibrant Union Square cultural district. To get notified of our upcoming readings,  sign up for our mailing list


3GT is excited to announce the merging of our two most established and cherished programs! To create a sustainable space for our cohorts to create, we have combined LezWritesBTQ and Salon Series into one Program: 3GT Reading Series. These two programs were increasingly intersectional over the past few seasons, so 3GT's Leadership circle took this opportunity to bring these two programs together to give them more robust access to the time and resources we have to support our writers. We look forward to the work we will be doing with our cohort of writers this year and presenting their words via staged reading starting in early 2024!


3GT's Reading Series Presents: The Whole Package has been postponed to 2025. Please join us for the remaining Readings this season AND we look forward to presenting this and more in our next season!

To reserve tickets to our reading series, go to or click the image to the right. 

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Meet Our 2023-2024 Cohort!

Welcome to our 2023-2024 Season!

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We're proud and excited to announce that we’re naming our new development program (announced last year) in honor of our Founding Executive Artistic Director, AJ Baker! Our 2023-24 Founder’s Fellows are: Marcia Aguilar Kailan (La Mamá Chingona), Victoria Erville (Tell’n Tales & Roll’n Eyes) and elaine magree (AC/DC). Each of these playwrights will be supported with a development workshop this fall or winter. Their revised play will be read at our next New Works Festival in 2025. Join us in congratulating our inaugural Founders Fellows. We can’t wait to see where these plays go next and are excited to present them to the public and potential producers at our next Festival.

Our 3GT Reading Series will present eight playwright’s work in twice monthly readings at the Phoenix Theater from March - June in 2024.  We’ve combined the Salon Series and LezWritesBTQ Series into a single, mighty program. Ensuring that all our playwrights are provided with the same resources and opportunities for professional growth and play development.  This season you’ll see plays by Elizabeth Flanagan, Susan-Jane Harrison, Mercilee Jenkins, Margery Kreitman, Kimberly Ridgeway, Troy Rockett, Cathy Midori Stonie, and Phaedra Tillery-Boughton.
Congratulations to our 2023 Brady Fellows - Kimberly Ridgeway & Cathy Midori Stonie!

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For middle-school and teen-aged girls in the

Bay Area and beyond

For Lesbian & woman-identified Bi/Trans/NB


For emerging women playwrights over 40

For BIPOC women playwrights exploring  social justice issues

For women theatre-makers working on the cutting edge

"I am so grateful to 3 Girls Theatre for offering an amazing opportunity to develop my play. La Mamá Chingona started as a therapeutic one-mujer show and with the support of a talented team the play transformed. I've been an actor, director, editor, but I've never felt so supported in my role as a playwright. The care of 3GT and Tina helped support me to be vulnerable and creative in ways I never had imagined. Thank you to my dramaturg, Edna Mira Raia and director, Alejandro Torres, and to the amazing cast of La Mamá Chingona. Sí se puede!"


– Marcia Aguilar Kailian, 2023 LezWritesBTQ Cohort 

3GT's Artistic Circle


Curation & Education Director

Pamela Hollings is an Australian theatre-maker and educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Outreach & Engagement Director

Tina is an award winning solo performer and actor. Tina has starred in feature films, shorts, television shows, and webseries.

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3GT thanks the San Francisco Arts Commission, California Arts Council, and the Sam Mazza Foundation for their generous support .