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Burning Wild

"Every story begins with an invocation and a release."- Jim the logger, Burning Wild


Burning Wild is a participatory theatrical experience reflecting 2 years of work to date with our ensemble cohort. It began as a way for Deborah Eliezer to make sense of the fire catastrophe after her and her husband's 33-acre artist retreat center and home burned down in the 2020 Walbridge Fire in Sonoma Co. She needed to craft for herself the myth she needed to hear. To use theater as a healing tool and community touchpoint.


You'll meet a few characters who live in the forest of Venado such as a logger (who also loves to bake), the Naturalist (who's afraid of death), a talking Hawk, and that hot mama drag queen herself Tía Fuego (Auntie Fire)! 


The larger project is an art installation, video documentary, theatrical presentation, and community ritual. All those aspects in this brief 30-40 minute showing. 


Special thanks to JCCSF for play development support and 3Girls Theatre for awarding us an Innovators grant and residency. 

To learn more about Aviva Arts and the Burning Wild Project visit:


This showing is age appropriate for humans as young as 8 years. Saturday, March 18th @ 2pm

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