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3GirlsTheatre Company develops, promotes and presents new plays by women+ playwrights.



We're the Change!

3Girls Theatre develops, promotes, and presents new plays by San Francisco women+ playwrights. Founded in 2011 to challenge the bias that favors men’s voices over women’s, we provide an artistic home for San Francisco women and assigned-female-at-birth playwrights at all stages of their creative and professional process. Our community, programming, and artist services provide playwrights with everything they need to develop and produce their scripts, nurturing women+ theatre artists ranging in age from 11-90+, and empowering BIPOC and LBTQI+ playwrights.

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3GT started with a single project, the Salon Reading Series: monthly staged readings of new plays written by a small cohort of seasoned Bay Area women playwrights “in their prime.”

Under the leadership of Executive Artistic Director and Founding Playwright AJ Baker, 3GT has grown into a company that offers development opportunities to an ever-expanding group of women+ theatre-makers who reflect the uniqueness and diversity of our region. Our programs grew to include readings, works-in-progress, full productions and a New Works Festival drawn from five development projects: the Salon Series, GirlWrights, LezWritesBTQ, 3GT Innovators, and 3GT Investigates. These projects developed new plays written by Bay Area women+ for both traditional and experimental theatre, empowered young women and girls, and nurtured LBTQ playwrights. Hundreds of Bay Area theatre-makers who share our vision – across ages, perspectives and genders – now collaborate each year with 3GT to “put women+’s work onstage, where it belongs.”

Developing Women+ Theatre-Makers

Post-pandemic, 3GT is once again focused on a single public facing project: the 3GT Reading Series. This series combines the demographics of the Salon Series, LezWritesBTQ and 3GT Investigates into one mighty program that supports a continually expanding and intersectional cohort of emerging playwrights who are over 40 and/or LBTQ and/or BIPOC.

We’re also focused on further developing scripts through intensive script development workshops. All plays that receive development support beyond the reading series are presented at our New Works Festival for the public and producers alike.


Increasingly 3GT  is connecting women+ theater makers with the knowledge, tools and relationships they need to grow their careers. Whether it’s through educational opportunities, convenings, or connecting playwrights with potential producers 3GT continues to fulfill its mission to “put women+’s work on stage … where it belongs.”

Creating Opportunity from Scarcity

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Our Goals don't just stop with Playwrights

To ensure our playwrights’ work has the widest possible reach, 3GT practices “Radical Hospitality.” No one is ever turned away from our programs or productions due to lack of funds.  We believe that everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, should be able to enjoy the exceptional work of our women playwrights. Based on data we collect through audience surveys, this policy has had a big impact on our company: nearly 70% of our audience is low income for the Bay Area (< $100k/year) and 15% are at or below the national poverty line ($21k/year).

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