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3GT Leadership Team

Amissa Miller

Community Outreach Director

Zach Kopciak

Sr. Development Consultant

Bernadette Garcia

Operations & Finance Director

Zoe Chien

Casting & Producing Director

Pamela Hollings

Curation & Education Director

3GT Featured Playwrights

Our cohort of playwrights we are currently supporting and whose work we are developing.

Cathy Midori Stonie

Reading Series, 2023 Brady Fellow

Kristy Lin Billuni

LezWritesBTQ, Salon Series, 2021 Brady Fellow, Reading Series

Mercilee Jenkins

Reading Series, Radio Play

Troy Rockett

LezWritesBTQ, Reading Series

Elizabeth Flanagan

Salon Series, Reading Series

Marcia Aguilar Kailian

LezWritesBTQ, 2023 Bakers Founder Fellow, Salon Series

Phaedra Tillery Boughton

LezWritesBTQ, Reading Series

Victoria Evans Erville

Salon Series, 2019 Brady Fellow, 2023 Bakers Founder Fellow

Kimberly Ridgeway

Reading Series, 2023 Brady Fellow

Margery Kreitman

Reading Series, LezWritesBTQ

Susan-Jane Harrison

Salon Series, Reading Series, 2021 Brady Fellow

elaine magree

Salon Series, 2023 Bakers Founder Fellow, 2022 Brady Fellow

3GT Board of Directors

3GT is deeply grateful to our Board of Directors who support our work to center the voices of women-identified artists!

AJ Baker

Board of Directors, Chair, Founding Playwright

Nonie Greene

Board of Directors

Tina D'Elia

Board of Directors

Cat Brooks

Board of Directors,
Program Director- 3GT Investigates

Pat McElroy

Board of Directors, Secretary

Louis Parnell

Board of Directors, Director, Actor

Tanya Telson

Alumna Communications Director

3GT is also very appreciative for the support of our Board of Advisors, including Michael Butler, Nancy Cooper Frank, Will Dunne, Lauren Gunderson, Tom Layton, Rick Levine, Tom Lockard, Kim Richards, and Marcy Simon.

Our Founders

In 2010, San Francisco playwrights Lee Brady, AJ Baker and Suze Allen were mad as hell about about the lack of opportunity for women playwrights, and decided that they weren't going to take it anymore. The following year the three Girls founded 3GT to "put women's work on stage where it belongs," and the rest is history!

3GT Company Playwrights

Our Company of women-identified, trans and AFAB nonbinary playwrights, drawn from our unique programs, reflects the diversity, energy and passion of 3GT’s trajectory since 2011.  

Alexis Standridge


Elizabeth Gjelten

Salon Series, 2019 Brady Fellow

Julia Jackson


Lea Robinson


Meja Pannell-Tyehimba

Salon Series, 2021 Brady Fellow

Nic A. Sommerfeld


Tyler Jeffreys

3GT Innovators

Ayodele Nzinga

3GT Investigates, New Works Festival

Etaya Trinidad

LezWritesBTQ, Radio Play

Karen Caronna

Salon Series, 2019 Brady Fellow

Lee Brady

Salon Series, New Works Festival

Morning Star Gali

3GT Investigates, New Works Festival

Nicole De Meneses


yAyA Porras

3GT Investigates, New Works Festival

Debórah Eliezer

3GT Innovators

Jennifer Lynne Roberts

Salon Series, 2018 Brady Fellow

Kelly J Kelly


Linda Ayres-Frederick

Salon Series

Nghia X Nguyen


Tracy Baxter

Salon Series, 2021 Brady Fellow

3GT Alumna Playwrights

3GT celebrates playwrights past and present who have developed their works with us!

Akaina Ghosh

3GT Innovators

Carson Beker

3GT Innovators

Diana Burbano

2018 Brady Fellow

Alicia Kester

LezWritesBTQ, New Works Festival

Cynthia Ling Lee

3GT Innovators

Elizabeth Appell

Salon Series

Brady Lea

Salon Series

Denmo Ibraham

3GT Innovators

Emma Attwood

Radio Play

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