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Welcome, Bernadette!

We’re so excited to announce that, as of May 1, 3GT has a new Operations and Finance Director, Bernadette Garcia.

Bernadette comes to us with a huge amount of experience in non-profit and educational organizations. She holds both a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA and we’re so excited to welcome her to our team. Bernadette ran a community dance company in New Mexico and managed the Global Travel and Expense department at Stanford/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. We’re already benefiting from her expertise and experience, as well as her fresh perspective.

As a queer Chicana over 40, Bernadette is excited to join a company that supports the development of marginalized communities of women+ playwrights. She’s excited to co-lead 3GT at the start of its second decade. She’s full of enthusiasm and ideas and we can’t wait for you all to meet her.

You can meet Bernadette at La Mamá Chingona at the Phoenix Theatre, 7pm May 30, 2023. Please join us in giving her a warm welcome.


Bernadette joins a newly structured and newly focused 3GT. With the changes that the pandemic has brought, we’re refocusing on our core program of readings and script development and pausing other programming for a time. However, we look forward to expansion and renewed programming, keeping sustainability in mind.

We’re moving from a hierarchical structure to a shared leadership model with overlapping circles of responsibility.

Bernadette Garcia, in partnership with Pamela Hollings (Curation & Education Director) and Tina D'Elia (Outreach & Engagement Director) will be part of our new Leadership Circle.

Each member of the team has their own discrete tasks and will be a member of at least one circle. Each circle will have a member who is in another circle. This model fosters communication and creates both accountability and sustainability through shared responsibility and tasks. There is a high level of transparency between circles, so that all team members can view the work of other team members and easily check-in.

All Circles have a regular meeting cadence and the whole team meets monthly. The team at 3GT have been working collaboratively for the last year or so and we’re excited to be formally announcing this change to our structure.

There’s a nifty graphic below:

But for those of you who prefer a list here are out team members and their circle membership:

  • Zoe Chien: Associate Director (Marketing & Communications Circle, Production Circle, Leadership Circle Associate)

  • Tina D'Elia: Outreach & Engagement Director (Leadership Circle, Marketing & Communications Circle, Production Circle)

  • Bernadette Garcia: Operations & Finance Director (Leadership Circle, Funding Circle)

  • Pamela Holings: Curation & Education Director (Leadership Circle, Production Circle)

  • Zach Kopciak: Development Director (Funding Circle)

  • Tanya Telson: Communications Director (Marketing & Communications Circle, Production Circle)

  • Program Directors (Production Circle)

With your support, we’re keeping women+’s work on stage, where it belongs!

With Gratitude

3GT staff

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