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For your ears only!

2020 was a tough year for theatre-makers.  We couldn’t perform our work for you onstage, but 3GT’s artists refused to be defeated!  In honor of the company’s 2021 Tenth Anniversary, we collaborated on a unique project in lockdown: the first ever 3Girls Theatre Radio Play.  Written “for your ears only” by a team of 3GT playwrights, and brought to air by a crew of talented audio artists, The Sins & Secrets of Tabard Lake is a "serial pandemic noir" in ten podcast episodes that will definitely have you wondering whodunnit. That is, if you can stop laughing long enough!


We’ll be releasing podcast episodes one at a time beginning in the Spring.  The complete schedule of episodes will be posted in March 2021.  Sign up here to be notified when each episode is released.



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The Sins & Secrets of Tabard Lake

It’s May 2020, the year of COVID.  SF Private Eye Chauncy is social distancing at home in SF when a long-term client zooms in with a tempting assignment. 

The set-up: Playwright Allyce Singer is hosting an invitation-only theatre workshop for her new play-in-progress at Tabard Lake, a luxury property isolated deep in the high Sierras.

The catch: Each of the six guests is guilty of a long ago "sin" against Allyce.  Now the playwright wants her revenge and she's written a script that points fingers at everyone.  

The mission:  Chauncy's supposed to quietly get the goods on everyone, so Allyce can settle the score.  Sounds like easy money for a gumshoe, with a fancy all-expenses-paid vacay out of lockdown thrown in to boot.

But nothing goes according to plan. Once the company is completely cut off from civilization, all bets are off. Murder, mayhem.--and hilarity!--

ensue.  Deep secrets from the past leak out to haunt the present. Everyone has a tall tale to tell, and no one can be trusted. Whodunnit ?


Created by AJ Baker
Directed by Pamela Hollings

Writers: AJ Baker (Head Writer)
, Emma Attwood, Linda Ayres-Frederick,

Lee Brady, Cat Brooks, Gabriela Brown, Madeleine Butler, Marie Cartier, Tina D'Elia, Isabella Echavarri, Elizabeth Flanagan, Sierra Gonzalez, Pamela Hollings, Julia Jackson, Susan Jackson,  Mercilee Jenkins,  Alexis Standridge, Katie Tandy, Eteya Trinidad

Cast: Zoe Chien, Federico Edwards, Fenner, Anna Marie Luera, Louis Parnell, Mary Powelson, Lawrence Radecker, Jocelyn Truitt

Production:  Deb Harrison (Design), Jules Indelicato (Sound Engineer), Mary Powelson (Production Manager),  Eliana Vela (SFX),

Zach Kopciak  (Associate Producer)

Music:  Original music composed by Nick Chang and performed by Thrown-out Bones (Nick Chang, Sam Miller & Liliana Urbain)  

Marketing: Hannah Meyer

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