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May 2022- Celebrating the Influence of Heritage

Like diamonds, each of us are beings crafted with many facets. 3GT is a company focused on promoting and developing the stories of women, knowing the experience of womanhood is vast and varies based on many different factors including race, age, religion, class, orientation, and so much more. These facets shine in the expression of self and add to the richness of our works.

In the United States, each month has a designated commemoration celebrating and bringing awareness to groups that have contributed to the cultural landscape of this country. A single month can be designated to multiple groups, with May being no exception. The month of May is designated for both Jewish American and Asian Pacific American Heritages.

As 3GT develops our Social Media outreach, we wanted to take every opportunity to honor our collaboration with the multitude of women who have shared their work, their stories, and expanded our awareness of the complexities of their experiences. Our goal is to continue to highlight and share the outstanding contributions of all of our artists as well as promote their works both with 3GT and externally.

For more information about the history of these groups as well as events and museum archival exhibits, please click:

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month:

Jewish American Heritage Month:

Image Notes:

​Mural by unknown artist located in Chinatown, San Francisco, California

Carol M. Highsmith, photographer, 2012. (Library of Congress)

Der Idisher froyen zshurnal (The Jewish Woman's Home Journal), New York, August 1922

Collection: Hebraic Collections

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