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November 2023 at 3GT!

November is here! My colleagues at 3GT and I are excited about the work we are doing in preparation for the upcoming 2024 Reading Series and Development Workshops. The “behind the scenes'' work is rarely discussed, but very necessary to ensure a smooth experience for our artists and audience. We have been working diligently since August collaborating with our community partners, matching artists with their reading teams, and working internally to make sure we stay true to our mission. We are excited to announce details for all of our upcoming events soon!

Since its inception, 3GT’s approach has been to be the change we want to see in theater. We’ve supported at least 65 different Playwrights in the Bay Area. Many have gone on to have their plays produced by other theater companies. We're showcasing the readings online via YouTube which is a powerful tool for our Playwrights to show their work to Producers, apply for grants, and to refine and edit their works. Our readings remain free to the public, allowing a more demographically diverse audience to experience these works and be a voice in the feedback process with our Dramaturgs after each reading.

This year, our fundraising efforts to continue this work has taken the form of a GoFundMe Campaign titled “40K for Women+ Over 40!” Among the myriad of challenges Women+ face in everyday lives, one in particular that our founder, AJ Baker, wanted to address head-on was agism. Many of our Playwrights are coming into this craft for the first time and are looking for resources outside of college-level internships and classes. There is a camaraderie of lived experience nurtured within 3GT’s community that has been valuable for those who work with us. That experience supports women+ in their “prime” as well as the younger folks who are mentored and enriched by their experiences in participating with our readings and workshops. I also want to note that we use the term women+ to acknowledge our amazing trans and non-binary artists. We started as an organization addressing the issues of gender parity, and continue to evolve and educate ourselves as the definition of gender has grown. 3GT is proud to include trans and nonbinary playwrights, artists, and collaborators as part of our cohort.

As we head towards Giving Tuesday, we understand the extraordinary amount of Fundraising asks that will be coming your way during this season. We deeply appreciate your time in reading our updates and your continued support and engagement. A donation, in any amount, is the most effective way to ensure 3GT can continue our mission of putting women+'s work onstage, where it belongs!

Tanya Telson, Communications Director

3GIrls Theatre

Click on the video above to see what 3GT's Associate Director, Zoe Chien has to say about her past experience working as an actress with 3GT's cohort.

Donate via GoFundMe at

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