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Announcing our 2021-2022 Season, new Playwrights and Salon Series Winners!

Welcome to the brave new world of (post?) pandemic theatre.

After nearly two years of gloom & Zoom, 3GT is (cautiously) taking back the stage! It's my joy and privilege to announce our newest Company members, our 2020-2021 Salon Series winners, and the 2021-2022 3GT Presents line-up of staged readings, showcases and scratch performances of new work by 3GT playwrights. Join us however feels best to you: live and in-person, or on your trusty screen. Either way, we can’t wait to show you what we're working on now!

On a personal note, my deepest gratitude to all of you who continued supporting 3GT – emotionally and financially – while stages went dark. Even though we couldn't see you in person, everyone at the Company felt and appreciated your support. We never gave up on our mission, and neither did you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I won’t pretend everything is back to normal, whatever that might be. But since when does making art require normalcy?

Our 10th Anniversary "Year of Yes" isn't over yet! Onward to a new decade of shared delight, surprise and inspiration.


AJ Baker, Executive Artistic Director & Founding Playwright

In this update:

3GT Presents: 2021/22 Season Calendar



From the many excellent scripts submitted to our programs this year, these ten emerging playwrights stood out for both their scripts and their commitment to the 3GT mission. Congratulations to all! We can't wait to get to know you better and see where your plays go next. Click here to read all about our newest Company members, and make sure to sign up for this season's staged readings of their new plays!

2021 Salon Series Brady Fellows

Clockwise from top L:Tracy Baxter, Kristy Lin Billuni, Susan-Jane Harrison, Meja Pannell-Tyehimba

2021/22 LezWritesBTQ Cohort

Clockwise from top L: Nicole De Meneses, Alicia Kester, Eteya Trinidad, Madison Wetzel, Nic A. Sommerfeld, Nghia X Nguyen


Each year we look for Salon Series plays that could, with just a little more work, be ready for full production. 3GT honors those plays as Salon Series winners, and awards their playwrights an advanced script development workshop and resources to take their scripts to the next level. We're so proud of these four amazing writers! Keep an eye out -- you may be seeing their award-winning plays onstage soon. Click here to read all about our winners!

Clockwise from top left:

Elizabeth Flanagan: 2020 Festival Prize Winner, METH

Susan Jackson: 2020 Salon Series Finalist, SWIMMING WITH PUPPIES

Jennifer Lynne Roberts: 2021 Salon Series Finalist, THE PENNSYLVANIAN

Victoria Evans Erville: 2021 Salon Series Finalist, MUSIC OF THE MOTHERS



Salon Series Rises Again at The Phoenix

Our legacy monthly staged reading series of new work by emerging women in their prime returns to The Phoenix Theatre on (mostly) second Sundays at 2 pm, starting November 14. Limited seating by advanced registration only, video available online. Click here for full schedule, registration details and safety info. First Up: Ev'ryday Family by Meja Pannell-Tyehimba!

LezWritesBTQ Showcase Goes Live

Showcasing works-in-progress quarterly by our cohort of emerging LBTQ+ women-identified queer and nonbinary playwrights. This year at the Phoenix! Limited seating by advanced registration only, video available online. First Showcases go up early November. Click here for full schedule, registration details and safety info.

3GT Investigates: Surviving In Oakland

Our final community Town Hall for this ongoing documentary theatre project, led by Cat Brooks, livestreaming on Zoom only, October 4 @ 6 pm. Filmed work from this project available to the public in early 2022. Click here for registration and program details.

"Sins & Secrets" Radio Play Available for your binging pleasure!

All 10 episodes of our "pandemic noir" Radio Play available online right now. AND stay tuned for some very special Sins & Secrets events this fall.



  • We're thrilled to welcome back long-time 3GT stage manager Tanya Telson in her new role as 3GT Operations Director.

  • We bid a fond "don't be a stranger" to Marketing Associate Hannah Meyer, now taking NYC by storm! You can still enjoy Hannah's pandemic posts and interviews here on on The Table Read and our podcast, Chasing The Ghostlight.

  • And while we'll dearly miss having Company Manager Leyla Eraslan in the house, we wish her huge success in her true vocation as a psychotherapist for the lucky student community at Cal State East Bay.

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