Stages may be dark but 3GT artists are still creating

COVID 19 & 3GT

For the foreseeable future, 3GT has suspended public in-person performances in order to respect and protect the safety and health of our audiences and our artists.  The good news is that live performance is only one piece of 3GT’s mission. While stages are dark, we'll continue to put women playwrights first, providing them with the support, tools and resources they need to create new work. Despite the challenges, you can be sure that 3Girls Theatre is committed to keep developing, promoting, and presenting women’s voices in 2020 and beyond.

In honor of the company’s 2021 Tenth Anniversary, we collaborated on a unique project in lockdown: the first ever 3Girls Theatre Radio Play! Written “for your ears only” by an intergenerational, intersectional team of 3GT playwrights, and brought to air by a crew of talented audio artists, The Sins & Secrets of Tabard Lake is a "serial pandemic noir" in nine podcast episodes that will definitely have you asking: whodunnit -- if you can stop laughing long enough!
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