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Serious Look
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Carson Beker


Carson Ash Beker (They/them) is a founder of Queer Cat Productions, a theater company dedicated to bringing playful, perspective-queering, boundary-pushing theater experiences to the bay area and beyond. Queer Cat’s immersive play, The Gay Divorce Play, had its first public Innovators work-in-progress performance as part of 3GT@Google Space Innovators Happy Hour on June 13th, 2019, and went on to an 8-night showcase at The Potrero Stage, with Troy Rockett, Alisha Ehrlich, Nic A. Sommerfeld, and Pam Drummer Williams, directed by Nikki Meñez. Carson Ash Beker is a hybrid storyteller and experience creator and co-founder of the The Escapery Pirate Art School. Their stories have appeared Joyland The Fairy Tale Review, Spunk, Foglifter, Cutthroat, Gigantic Sequins, Utterance, and Radar Literary Series. Their plays have been produced or in development through Playground, Custom Made Theater, Exit Theater, and Z-Below. They are a Lambda Emerging Writer Fellow in Fiction, a Tin House Scholar, and a member of Clarion West 2018. They can be found at They are most definitely haunted.

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