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Morning Star Gali


Morning Star Gali is an artist, culture keeper, tribal organizer, and mother who has been involved in movements for the protection of indigenous cultural traditions and sacred lands since childhood. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, she has worked for a number of Bay Area Indigenous organizations over the past 10 years including the American Indian Film Institute, American Indian Family Healing Center, and American Indian Public Charter School. In the past 6 + years, she has been an active community organizer volunteering in the efforts to protect sacred places such as the Medicine Lake Highlands. She became involved in contemporary modern and traditional dance performances and has continued being involved in the creation and promotion of American Indian contemporary arts at the grassroots and institutional level as a tribal organizer and advocate on the frontlines of land defense movements and campaigns for the protection of sacred lands and waterways through campaigns and collaborations with young contemporary and traditional Native artists, dancers and singers.

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