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Welcome to 3GT's "The Table Read" Blog

Greetings and welcome to the debut edition of our new blog, The Table Read!

Since mid-March, the crew at 3Girls Theatre has been in stealth mode, redesigning our projects and our calendar for this strange pandemic world we're all in together. Of course we wish we were "putting women's work onstage where it belongs" for you right now. But since we can't do that yet, this blog will take you backstage with the company until your seat in the audience is available once again.

Meet some of the 3GT-ers you would have seen at our 2020 New Works Festival if COVID-19 hadn't happened. L-R: Elizabeth Flanagan (2019 Salon Series Finalist), Pamela Hollings (3GT Literary Director), Leyla Eraslan (Company Mgr), Susan Jackson (2019 Salon Series Finalist),Sierra Marie Gonzalez (Program Director, GirlWrights), AJ Baker (Exec Artistic Director & Founding Playwright), Cat Brooks (Program Director, 3GT Investigates & Playwright) (Not pictured:Tina D'Elia, Program Director LezWritesBTQ)

Each moment of live performance is fleeting, which is why 3GT Marketing Associate Hannah Meyer created The Table Read as a way to document the hauntings and histories of the artists who shape 3GT. As time goes on, the blog will become an online archive of interviews that give you a sense of how the work we do behind the scenes bring new plays to life. Feel free to email Hannah if there's anyone and anything you want to hear more about.

Ayodele Nzinga, Artistic Director of Lower Bottom Playaz

I'm thrilled that Hannah's first interview celebrates one of our favorite Black women theatre artists, the brilliant East Bay dramaturg/director/producer/writer/activist Dr. Ayodele Nzinga. Among her many many accomplishments, Ayodele is the founding producing director of Oakland's acclaimed Lower Bottom Playaz, the only theater company in the nation to have staged (under her direction) the full August Wilson Century Cycle in chronological order. Ayodele is amazing and everyone at 3GT feels privileged to be working with her. Her big picture perspective--and deep knowledge of all things theater--is a gift. Enjoy!


AJ Baker

Executive Artistic Director

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