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We’re very excited to share with you our 2023 Brady Fellows:

Kimberly Ridgeway

Cathy Midori Stonie


Cathy Midori Stonie is a senior playwright, writing since 2016. Her inspirations come from foreign journeys and observing ordinary people living their extraordinary lives. Cathy is from Los Angeles, and now lives in San Jose with her husband for 26 years.

Stagebridge, the adult theatrical and performance school in Oakland, introduced Cathy to acting and playwriting. She continues to take playwriting class with playwright and instructor, Anthony Clarvoe.

She is a member of Theatre Bay Area, and Board member of Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco (PCSF) since March 2020. In 2020, her full-length play, A Rose by Any Other Name, about Tokyo Rose, had a virtual reading. Her short play, Pandemic in Love, was included in Smith and Kraus anthology, “Laughter is the Best Medicine: Forty-five 5-minute plays in the time of coronavirus,” published in 2021. She had a developmental reading of You’ll Never Look at Mt. Fuji the Same Again, in 2021. In the summer of 2022, Cathy co-produced a virtual “BIPOC Showcase of Short Plays” for PCSF, to promote a more diverse membership at PCSF.

Come see Cathy’s play In the Shadow of Mt Fuji at the Phoenix Theatre, SF 2pm, May 5, 2024

Kimberly Ridgeway is a Playwright, Director, Actor, and Producer. Kimberly wrote, produced and directed the full-length stage plays Prospect Place, Heavy Burdens, No More Secrets, The Confession, The Gigolo Chronicles, and The Drowning Pool. Kimberly has directed projects locally for Altarena Playhouse, African American Shakespeare Company, Contra Costa Civic Theatre, Dragon Productions Theatre Company, Ubuntu Theatre Project, Bay Area Performing Arts Collective, Bay Area Drama Company, SF Playhouse, Town Hall Theatre, Playwrights Center of San Francisco, SF Playground, Theatre Rhinoceros, 3Girls Theatre and TheatreFirst. She has also directed projects for Three Willows Theatre (TX), National Black Theatre (NY), and Spokane Civic Theatre (WA). Some of Kim’s notable acting roles include The Revolutionists, The Piano Lesson, Colman Domingo’s DOT, and her award-winning portrayal of Camae in Katori Hall’s The Mountaintop. Kim can be found on Instagram @khaoss15 and NPX at:

Come see Kimberly’s play Soul Mates at the Phoenix Theatre, SF 2pm, May 19, 2024


Named in honor of Lee Brady, one of our founding playwrights, the Brady Fellowship is a program that brings new women+ playwrights into 3GT and guarantees them two years of support to develop a play. During the first year, 3GT provides each Brady Fellow with 1-1 time with a dramaturg and the expertise of a director and cast to produce a staged reading of their work. Most Brady Fellows receive a second reading of the same play in their second year with the program, or alternatively, a development workshop of that play, or, occasionally, a reading of a new play.

After those initial 2 years, playwrights are invited to submit plays to the reading program each year and an ongoing relationship with the playwright and 3GT continues, until that playwright is deemed ‘emerged’!

We’re so excited to introduce these new playwrights to our 3GT audience and to continue to put Women+’s work on stage, where it belongs!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Pamela Hollings

Curation & Education Director

3Girls Theatre

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