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Innovators Series

Supporting experimental women theatre-makers to create new artistic paradigms in non-traditional performance contexts


3GT Innovators Series presents work-in-progress or "scratch" performances of experimental work by women and gender non-conforming theatre-makers who are: 

  • Re-imagining how theatrical mediums utilize plot, character, and other literary devices

  • Rethinking the physical relationship between theatre and audience / giving audiences agency to get out of their seat and actively engage

  • Reexamining the functional relationship between theatre and audience / questioning the role of theatre in communities

  • Occupying non-traditional spaces / engaging non-traditional audiences

  • Exploring themes not often seen in the SF Bay Area / exploring familiar themes from unique points of view

  • Exploring themes related to the ethics, usage, access, and impact of technology or scientific progress

  • Incorporating new technologies (such as projection, VR, apps, etc.)



Our wild and eccentric City on the Bay has always been a beacon for artists, writers, creative risk takers, dreamers of all kinds, and we mean to keep it that way! The role of the artist is to reimagine the world as it could be, and we support theatre-makers who actively engage in using art to make a better society for all of us.



You! We invite women-identified and gender non-conforming theatre-makers to apply year-round to 3GT Innovators’ development program. 3GT provides artistic and financial support to help creators move from concept to production with work that challenges formal convention and pushes thematic boundaries. Projects that transcend "raising awareness" about critical issues by proposing an active role for the artist in change-making will be given priority. To apply, or to learn more, please email

White Structure


Burning Wild

Debórah Eliezer & Dr. Vindu Singh

Debórah Eliezer, (she/her), is the former Artistic Director of foolsFURY Theater, an Associate Member of Golden Thread, and an artEquity Arts Facilitator Alum. Passionate about the power of human transformation, her work focuses on disrupting assumptions about art, human values and society.  An arts administrator, theater maker and cultural provocateur, she creates with a focus on ensemble collaboration. Passionate about the power of community, her work focuses on disrupting assumptions about the relationship to art, human values and society. 

PROJECT:  Burning Wild (Started in 2020)

BURNING WILD, created by Debórah Eliezer in collaboration with Vidhu Singh, Noor Adabachi and Cynthia Ling Lee is a devised performance, incorporating physical theater and dance, created in response to the California wildfires of 2020. It began as a community gathering circle to support Northern Californians affected by the wildfires. Recent 2020 fire survivors themselves, Debórah and Noor draw from their lived experience using personal stories of their relationship to home and placemaking from The Middle East to the Bay Area told through devised text, song, movement, documentary video and puppetry to tell a collaged docu-myth about the land, displacement, trauma and renewal offering artists and audiences an opportunity for resilience, hope and community healing in a time when a prolonged megafire season is an annual occurrence. 




The US in the U.S. Ensemble grew out of a Social Justice theatre project created by Professor A. Fajilan at California State University East Bay.  In the Fall of 2016, "CSUFerguson" premiered with a cast of 15 multidisciplinary students seeking to put a “face on the faceless hoodie.” Following Theatre of the Oppressed philosophy,  all of Us in the U.S.'s shows involve audience participation. They are devised from the ensemble and/or collaborations with other artists. 


US in the U.S. is dedicated to rebel against media and tradition telling us who we are and how to act. The country especially, focuses on creating identities for us rather than allowing us to create our own. Writing helps release tension because we store our blocked emotions and thoughts in our bodies and sometimes don't even know it there. We've developed protective habits so we can do go out into the world without feeling vulnerable; at the cost of our mental & physical healthy.