3GT's free playwriting program for middle-school aged girls who don't otherwise have access to theatre arts programs in their schools


Girl-identified youth in middle and high school. Our student participants come primarily from San Francisco and Oakland,  although newly launched virtual workshops have seen youth from across the country join in our program and share their voices!


3Girls Theatre’s mission is to put the work of women of all ages on stage where it belongs!   Unfortunately, our school system lacks the resources to offer theatre arts education to many of our young people.  We fervently believe young girls and teens have voices that deserve to be heard on stage, just like their older sisters.  In addition to strengthening teamwork and writing skills, our young writers learn how to be confident in sharing their opinions, stories, and personal brand of entertaining theatre with the City!


Ongoing.  Workshops are being added! During the COVID-19 crisis, the GirlWrights program has adapted to offer no-cost workshops virtually for the safety of our communities. For more information on the next workshop, check below.

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3GT GirlWrights

One Minute Monologue Festival

Jane Joe: The Selfie Moment

GirlWrights launched our One Minute Monologue Festival! Girl-identified youth (ages 11-19) from all over the SF Bay Area submitted one-minute monologues for an opportunity to see their work performed virtually live by professional actors in an online showcase on May 1st! 


Check out them out here. 

Monologue Prompts:

If your ancestors could speak, what message/s would they share?


If you could give a part of your body a voice, what would it say?


Write from the perspective of a famous historical figure.


If we were in 100 years in the future, what would someone your age talk about?


Recreate a pivotal moment in your life.

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Program Director

Sierra Gonzalez is a QPOC performing artist, poet, personal development instructor and community resilience advocate who works and resides in the San Francisco East Bay Area. 



Check out Program Director Sierra Gonzalez's short video on writing your own monologue!

3GT thanks the Sam Mazza Foundation for its generous support of the GirlWrights Program


“GirlWrights brings out real topics and showcases them through the eyes of our girls.   Thank you for believing in our girls and giving them a forum to express their creativity!” 



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