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Writing, development, and performance opportunities for emerging LBTQ+ women-identified, nonbinary, and queer playwrights and artists living in the Bay Area


LezWritesBTQ is a unique development and performance program for emerging lesbian, bi, transgender, and gender non-conforming women-identified queer theatre-makers. Our LBTQ+ playwrights and solo-performers create work that speaks directly to lesbian and queer artists and audiences, with an emphasis on women of color, people with disabilities, and other communities traditionally underrepresented in theatre. In 2023, LezWritesBTQ was merged into 3GT's Salon Series program to form 3GT's Reading Series celebrating the intersectionality across these two cohorts!



When 3GT playwright Margery Kreitman created LezWrites in 2013, it was the only program of its kind in the Bay Area dedicated exclusively to serving LBTQ+ dramatists.  In 2019, LezWritesBTQ took our legacy program to a new level under the direction of Tina D'Elia, offering  LBTQ+ playwrights and solo performers script development and performance opportunities throughout the year. This element of the LezWrites Program is now part of 3GT's Reading Series. 



LezWritesBTQ Writing Workshops are still happening throughout the year online. We are continuing Margery Kreitman's Queer Writing Workshop online. For more information about the history of the LezWritesBTQ program, contact Outreach & Engagement Director Tina D’Elia.


Watch the Work of our 2022-2023 Cohorts!

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LezWritesBTQ Writing Workshops

Throughout 2023, LezWritesBTQ will be hosting multi-week writing classes with 3GT Legacy, Margery Kreitman, culminating in a COVID-safe public reading via Zoom. We invite you to join us in keeping the queer creativity rolling!

Next Classes have already been concluded. Please check back for future classes!

Classes are held on Zoom each Wednesday from 11:00am-1:00pm.
Priority will be given to those who have not participated in the class before. We highly encourage LBTQ+ women of color, nonbinary writers, women-identifying writers over 60, and people with disabilities to register. 3GT cannot guarantee a space in the class to all who register. We will have a waitlist and will notify writers if space becomes available.

For information about class dates and times, or to observe a reading, please click here to contact 3GT Engagement & Outreach Director, Tina D'Elia.


Margery Kreitman  Founding Curator of LezWritesBTQ

Margery Kreitman started with 3GT in 2011 as a Resident Playwright and formed the LezWritesBTQ Program in 2018. Since 2020, she has led seasonal workshops utilizing writing prompts to enhance solo performing and monologue work sharing her vast knowledge and experience from her own journey as a solo performer and monologist. 

“LezWritesBTQ is vital and necessary! The program is radically different than mainstream theatre… LezWritesBTQ speaks to many of us across generations and

celebrates LBTQ+/NB cultures 




Tina D'Elia

Outreach & Engagement Director

"What an exciting time for us to expand to have more opportunities for Queer and Trans women’s work to be promoted, produced, developed, and valued on stage."


Margery Kreitman

Founding Curator

"I created LezWrites! because there were no existing venues producing solo theatrical works or developing works in progress that reflected the LBTQ experience."



Take a look at LezWritesBTQ's journey in putting queer voices center stage!


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