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It is with immense gratitude and some sadness that I announce the departure of Tina D'Elia from the position of 3GT’s Outreach and Engagement Director. She has served 3Girls Theatre since 2018 in many capacities: Actor, Solo Artist, Program Director for LezWrightsBTQ, Director, Dramaturg, Casting Director- there is nothing Tina cannot do. She will be fulfilling a new role at the TGI Justice Project and Black Cultural Center as a Housing Case Manager. We will absolutely miss her in everyday operations at 3Girls Theatre and are confident that she will continue to be a force of positive change everywhere she goes.

Personally, I have been so blessed to sit under the learning tree of her experience and the energy she brings to everything she does. Tina has enriched 3GT with an unwavering stance on justice and support for marginalized voices. She is a compassionate champion for our artists, and has unwavering courage for pressing changes that need to happen in the current state of American Theatre. She helped me wade through learning and unlearning systematic problems and showed the value in following through the myriad of conversations about making theater more equitable on a local level.

Her solo artistry and acting is phenomenal, and there is so much of her “offstage” work that may never have been seen, but I am sure the impacts have been felt among 3GT’s artistic cohort. Tina’s genuine passion for the LBGTQIA+ community has been an asset and inspiration to us all. We will continue to grow from the lessons and example Tina has shown members of this company as she is an amazing leader with an open mind and heart.

Unfortunately, she will not be finishing this season with us and will no longer be Outreach & Engagement Director as of May 1, 2024. Tina will still be contributing to 3GT in the future and has happily accepted being a part of our Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee.

The words “Thank You” seem too little to encompass all Tina has given, but they are the only words I have to finish this outpouring my adoration I have for her: THANK YOU, Tina!


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