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June 2024- Celebrating Pride Month

Happy Pride Month from all of us at 3Girls Theatre! 3GT is proud to be an artistic home for LBTQ and non-binary brilliance to be seen, heard, and celebrated in the Bay Area, and we continue to be committed to supporting, resourcing, and developing work by queer and trans women+ playwrights. 

We hope to see you all at our remaining readings for this season! Join us for:

  • 6/9 In The Shadow of Mt. Fuji* by Cathy Midori Stonie

  • 6/16 SistahFriend by Phaedra Tillery-Boughton

*2023 Brady Fellow 

As we gather in community this month to experience queer joy, may we also remember that Pride began as and continues to be a call for collective liberation. None of us are truly free until all of us are free. How are we continuing to center and show up for the most marginalized folks within LGBTQIA+ communities? How are we illuminating the links between queer liberation and the liberation of all oppressed peoples? As we witness ongoing genocides around the world, I encourage all of us to resist pinkwashing, which focuses attention on the supposedly advanced LGBTQIA+ rights record of a nation-state in order to draw attention away from the ways in which that state dehumanizes and oppresses others. If we are committed to queer and trans liberation, we must also be committed to ending genocide. For an example of what this kind of commitment can look like, check out No Pride in Genocide, a collective of queer and trans Palestinians, Arab/SWANA folks, Jews, and allies who are working together for a Free Palestine.

I also encourage you to support queer spaces and artists in our broader Bay Area community!    

  • The East Bay LGBTQ+ Healing Arts Center, aka the Queer Arts Center, is “a grassroots, interdisciplinary collaborative of Oakland, California-based disabled, Black, Indigenous + Brown LGBTQ+ identified artists and wellness practitioners serving a global community.”

  • Left Coast Theater Company develops, stages, and promotes the work of LGBTQ+ and allied artists. They’re accepting submissions of 10-15 minute plays until June 2nd for The Future is Queer!

  • Cabaret Palestina, hosted by Mama Ganuush, is happening on June 14th! This gathering will feature amazing queer artists and activists raising money for the BAD Fund.

We look forward to seeing you in community this month! 


Amissa Miller,

Community Outreach Director, 3Girls Theatre Company


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