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A Message from Zach Kopciak

As many of you know, I began my tenure at 3GT as a stage and production manager in 2016. Since then, 3GT and I have grown enormously, and symbiotically. With the support of AJ Baker and everyone else involved in 3GT's journey over these past years, I have grown as a producer and arts administrator. I've discovered new skills such as grant writing, and have put those skills to use helping 3GT to grow in turn. This company and I have developed together, through some of the most exciting and challenging times in either of our collective memories.

Candidly, leading a theatre company through a (still ongoing) global pandemic was one of the hardest and most exhausting things I have ever done. Even with the support of the 3GT team and, for the last 18 months, Tanya Telson as Co-Managing director it's been a LOT. After 3 grueling years, 3GT finally returned to the stage with the 9th New Works Festival and the World Premiere of 'Tasha by Cat Brooks this past February and March. But things are not as they were "in the before-times." This company, the theater industry it operates in, and the world we all share together, have been changed. I have changed, discovering new passions, talents, and things I want out of this wild and crazy thing we call life.

It is therefore with nothing but gratitude and excitement for what comes next thatI announce that I will be stepping down from my current role on 3GT's Leadership Team. While I explore this new world the pandemic has created, I willcontinue tolead 3GT's fundraising efforts, so that this company I love so dearly, and whose mission I believe in so fully, can continue to grow and adapt to this brave new world. The rest of 3GT's operations and programming will be in the capable hands of 3GT's next generation of leaders, and I can promise you the company is in wonderful hands!

Change is always a little scary, but there are so many exciting things in store for 3GT in the near future. After 11 years perfecting a methodology of script development for emerging women playwrights, 3GT will be offering the resources of the Salon Series to ALL our playwrights, not just those over 40. The new 3GT Reading Series combines the best of all 3GT's programs into one, maintaining our support of women over 40 while expanding our signature and one-of-a-kind script development resources to the next generation of emerging playwrights who are women over 40, BIWOC, trans, and AFAB nonbinary. 3GT is creating more seats at the table for a more diverse cohort of playwrights that reflects both the beautiful diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area and those women most marginalized in our society.

Speaking of more seats at the table, 3GT's leadership structure is changing as well. We are moving from a vertical hierarchy to a more horizontal one in which the mantle of leadership is shared by many, rather than put on the shoulders of just one or two.

Please join me in welcoming 3GT's new Leadership Circle:

Cat Brooks:3GT Investigates Program Director

Zoe Chien:Associate Director

Tina D'Elia: Outreach and Engagement Director

Bernadette Garcia:Operations and Finance Director

Pamela Hollings: Curation and Education Director

Zach Kopciak:Development Director

Tanya Telson: Communications Director

AJ Baker remains a great support for everyone at 3GT as these changes have been in process. She is currently the Board Chair for now and will transition to be our Emeritus Founding EAD when the time is right. More on Board Membership opportunities in a future newsletter.

Here's to another decade of putting the work of women, trans, and nonbinary playwrights on stage, where it belongs!

Zach Kopciak

3GT Development Director


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