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3GT Legacy

Robin Bradford

Legacy Playwright

since 2011

Robin Bradford has been a proud member of 3Girls Theatre Company since its inception. The company produced her play, “Low Hanging Fruit,” after its premier in Los Angeles under the direction of Lee Sankowich, and productions in two other cities. Robin produced the feature film, “Graduation,” and wrote and produced the feature film “Frank.” Both films are award winning motion pictures. Her short play “Careful You Don’t Fall” won the 3-Minute Film Competition in New York, and her short film “The Good Daughter” took honors in numerous film festivals around the country. Her play “Slice,” was the winner of the 3GirlsTheatre Festival in 2016 and has a production coming up in 2019. Robin served on the boards of San Francisco Opera and The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and is currently a board member of Bay Area Musicals.

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