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Serious Look
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Mercilee Jenkins

Radio Play

since 2020

Mercilee Jenkins is a playwright and performance artist who also writes poetry
and fiction. Her latest solo performance, It’s Later Than You was initially developed
at Stage Werx in 2022-2023. Her 10-minute play, 50 Love Letters, was selected for The
Road Theatre Company’s 2021 Summer Playwrights Festival. She presented her solo
piece, My First Boss at The 2020 Marsh International Solo Performance Festival. Her one
act play, Winning, is included in Best American Short Plays 2014-15. She has performed
solo pieces and presented plays in San Francisco Bay Area at the 3Girls Theatre New
Works Festivals, Stage Werx, CounterPulse, Piano Fight, San Francisco State University,
San Francisco Theatre Festivals, The Marsh, Theatre Rhinoceros, Climate Theater and
Venue 9 as well as other venues in San Diego, Phoenix, Detroit and New York. She is a
Emerita Professor of Communication Studies from San Francisco State University.

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