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Serious Look
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Sierra Gonzalez

Alumna Leadership Team

SIERRA GONZALEZ is a QPOC performing artist, poet, personal development instructor and community resilience advocate who works and resides in the San Francisco East Bay Area.

Her most notable work experience includes traveling throughout California and Chicago Illinois to work with hundreds of schools and community centers to educate, perform plays and lead workshops that impart tools for mental and emotional resilience via the arts. Building community, managing stress, exploring healthy communication, personal boundaries, breath work, mindfulness, playwriting, theatre, rediscovering the authentic self, body movement, suicide prevention, puberty education and diversity inclusion are among the most impactful workshops Sierra has personally curated, led and toured.

Her professional collaborations include working with organizations such as Alvin Ailey American Theatre Dance(Berkeley, CA), Cal Performances(Berkeley, CA), Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre(Oakland, CA), Three Girls Theatre(San Francisco, CA), Berkeley Community Media (Berkeley, CA),Z Space(San Francisco, CA),BiJingo(International) and Soul Speaks(CA, ILL).

Her personal story as a queer, bi-racial, bi-coastally raised, first-generation American Caribbean Latinx ,combined with her professional skills in: acting, writing, public speaking, energy work, spoken-word rapping, breath work and mental resilience training, grant Sierra the unique capacity to create safe inclusive spaces where people of all ages, identities, demographics and backgrounds can participate in progressive conversations that ignite creative expression, and personal transformation.

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