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Nia Fairweather


Nia Fairweather is an award-winning Actress (The Roe Effect, Paralysis), Writer and Producer of OORDEEL, the viral filmic adaptation of her acclaimed monologue of the same name whose work has been featured at the Festival de Cannes, American Black Film Festival; on HBO, Nickelodeon, Cinemax and CBS to name a few.

Nia employs awareness, empathy and vision to write and perform impactful stories that take audiences on poignant journeys through critical social issues; from prostitution in Thailand in ‘My Thai’, the scars of childhood abandonment in ‘Mommie Dearest’ and homelessness in ‘Sparrow’.

Currently, Nia is developing NEW AMSTERDAM, the feature film adaptation of OORDEEL and gearing up for the launch of ‘Fire Spun’, a mix-media short story and live performance series, for which she serves as an Actress, Writer and Producer on.

A firm believer in the importance of giving back and community, Nia is a volunteer and supporter of A People’s Concern (formerly LAMP Arts), an arts studio and creativity center serving LA’s Skid Row community, GLIDE’s Meal Program, United Way’s HomeWalk to end homelessness and in 2016 founded OCTO Collective, a group of creatives whose mission is to foster community through thought provoking projects, conversations and experiences.

As recipient of the 2016-2017 Creative Arts Practice Fellow at Omi Gallery @Impact Hub Oakland, Nia assisted with the production and installation of ‘Surviving Pending Revolution: Comrade Sisters’, ‘The Nasty Women Oakland’ and various artist’s exhibits and events.

Nia has served as Playwright on ‘3GT Investigates: Birth Rights’ addressing issues surrounding crisis pregnancy centers, women and teen immigrants and those being inhumanely detained across the United States.

You can connect with her @NiaFairweather.

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