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"the play's the thing" 
3GT artists are creating both onstage and off

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COVID 19 & 3GT

Starting in October 2021, 3GT intends to perform our work in-person again!  However, please note that attendance numbers will be limited for the safety of all of our patrons, artists and staff . As we navigate changes in local city, county, state, and national policies for public gatherings, we will keep our preventative practices and protocols posted here. We'll also post videos of performances and related content, whenever possible, on our social media pages (including our YouTube channel). Despite the challenges, you can be sure that 3Girls Theatre is committed to keep developing, promoting, and presenting women’s voices in 2021 and beyond.

White Sands

LezWritesBTQ Digital Salon

On Zoom November 10, 2021

LezWritesBTQ Cohorts Reading #1

Phoenix Theatre, November 13, 2021

Salon Series: Ev'ryday Family

Phoenix Theatre, November 14, 2021

LezWritesBTQ Cohort Reading #2

Phoenix Theatre, November 20, 2021

Salon Series: Violette

Phoenix Theatre, December 12, 2021

Salon Series: Neptune/Salus

On Zoom January 9, 2022

LezWritesBTQ Digital Salon

On Zoom May 18, 2022

3GT Investigates: Town Hall

Public Zoom Event
POSTPONED- New Date will be announced here, so please check back here for the latest details!


Sarai Smith-Mazariegos, Executive Director, S.H.A.D.E Movement & Co-Founder of MISSSEY

Dr. Jennifer B. Lyle, PhD, MSW, Executive Director, MISSSEY, Inc.

Holly Joshi, Director of Racial Justice and Systems Change, Bright Research Group

Zoom Registration Coming Soon!

LezWritesBTQ 2020 Cohort Showcase

At the Phoenix Theatre San Francisco

LezWritesBTQ presents our writers from the 2020 Cohort who have continued to continued to work with 3GT Supporting Artists on their scripts throughout the Pandemic.

Marble Surface

3GT Salon Reading Series

At the Phoenix Theatre San Francisco
Ev'ryday Family by Meja Pannell-Tyehimba                                       November 14, 2021

Violette by Karen Caronna                                                                       December 12, 2021

Neptune / Salus by Elizabeth Flanagan                                                     January 9, 2022

Kudzu 2012 by Tracy Baxter                                                                        February 13, 2022

Moonwalkers by Elizabeth Appell                                                                 March 13, 2022

Clara by Linda Ayres- Frederick                                                                      March 27, 2022

Today I Live by Susan-Jane Harrison                                                               April 10, 2022

Lay My Burden Down by Liz Gjelten                                                                 May 15, 2022

The Trees by Kristi Lin Billuni                                                                             June 12, 2022
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