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Erin Gilley


Erin Gilley a theatre-maker, director and video projections designer who specializes in immersive theatre, digital/theatre hybrids, devised work and new writing. Credits include San Francisco’s immersive theatre production The Speakeasy [Boxcar Theatre]; the international digital theatre production Longitude [LIFT/elastic future]; The Lily’s Revenge [Magic Theatre]; Equus [Boxcar Theatre]; Fiction [Dragon Theatre]; The Participants, Criminal Genius and Making Noise Quietly [TheatreFirst]; Manar, Turning Tricks and Counting in Sha’ab [Golden Thread]; The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Deal and Beautiful [elastic future]; Wreckage [Crowded Fire]; and The Woods [Theatre in the Woods]. Erin studied theatre as an undergraduate at Princeton University and received her MFA from Birkbeck, University of London.

Erin began working with 3GT as a director for the 2018 New Works Festival. Her new piece, The Girl Detective Project , was selected for the Innovators Series in 2019 and had its first work-in-progress performance as part of 3GT@Google Space Innovators Happy Hour series on November 14, 2019.

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