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Serious Look
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Deb Harrison

Graphic Designer

Deb Harrison’s eclectic art life began when she started drawing “pretty girls” at the age of three, insisted on the latest fashion at the age of seven, selling original artworks at age 10 and began sewing her own clothes at 12. After graduating from Colorado Art Institute, she combined her love of art, design and fashion as an illustrator, designer and art director for major department stores in Denver and San Francisco. Throughout her career, she moonlighted as a freelance illustrator and designer on projects outside the retail realm, and is now at the helm of her own design shop, PogostickStudio. Her clients include several non-profit organizations whose main focus is arts and education. Deb’s artistic eye has been integral to 3GT’s image since day one: she’s designed all of 3GT’s branding and collateral since 2011.

3GT Legacy

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