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Zach Kopciak

Sr. Development Consultant

ZACH KOPCIAK is a deviser, producer, dramaturg, performer, and director currently based in San Francisco, where he has worked with First Person Travel, The Circus Center, Bonfire Makers, and RAWdance. In the past, Zach has also worked with Guerilla Science in New York and D.C., Kid Cactus in Los Angeles, and with Secret Cinema, Shakespeare’s Globe, The Box, and Enter Level5 in London, where he received his MA from the Central School of Speech and Drama. Zach has taught middle school students in the SFUSD after-school theater program at Visitacion Valley, Work with 3GT to date has included Stage Manager for LOW HANGING FRUIT, Asst to the Director for ENTANGLEMENT, Festival Manager for the 2017, 2018 and 2020 3GT Annual New Works Festivals, and Production Manager for DISRUPTION. Zach’s AAD portfolio includes development/grant-writing and Program Director for the 3GT Innovators Series.

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