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Serious Look
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Alexis Stadridge


2023 LezWritesBTQ Cohort

Alexis Standridge is a playwright from San Jose, and is incredibly excited to be involved with 3Girls Theatre. Alexis graduated from Santa Clara University in 2021, where she studied Playwriting under professor and playwright Brian Thorstenson. She focussed her studies on social justice theatre, and was heavily inspired by the works of Branden Jacob Jenkins, Que Nguyen, and Alice Birch. Alexis' identity as a lesbian has heavily informed her writing, in that a lot of her work explores aspects of queer identity, internalized homophobia, and queer history. Her recent works and accomplishments include receiving an award from Santa Clara University for Excellence in Playwriting in 2021, the performance of her play “Amendment” for City Light’s 2020 “Light’s Up” Filament podcast, and her work with PlayGround as part of their 2021 - 2022 Writer’s Pool. Alexis is interested in theatre that celebrates community, as well as brings forward uncomfortable truths

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