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Alicia Kester


since 2021

Alicia Kester is a filmmaker, writer, poet, and playwright. Under the banner of her production companies, Light Show Pictures and Wahala Productions, she writes, directs and produces narrative and documentary films and television shows that showcase the voices of people of color and address social justice themes, while telling captivating, emotional, and sometimes heartbreaking stories. In her plays, Alicia teases the imagination with magical realism and absurdist humor, puts people of color and queer people up front, and tells stories that explore, home, history, memory, and the physical body. Her writing has been published in literary journals and anthologies. She's workshopped her work with the Berkeley Rep, Central Works, and Sundance. She was recently chosen as one of four playwrights to participate in Copenhagen Queer Theatre Festival's Hot Meat Residency that was a part of World Pride. As part of the event, she wrote two plays that were produced in Copenhagen, "The Gay Therapist" and "Puppets, Reproduction, and Polyamory".

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