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Corissa Dorethy

Communications Associate

Corissa Dorethy was born and raised in the Bay Area and is currently a professional computer graphics and web designer who adds color and flair to all aspects of her life. She has a deep love for the aesthetics of outer space and never has monochromatic hair. Her career highlights include her role as a Web Content Specialist and Social Media Manager for The Family Coppola and as a Web Designer for Viz Media, LLC. When not connected to the internet, Corissa spends her time hanging out with her family, her pets, crafting, playing games, drawing, and enjoying music. Her passion for artistic expression has led her to explore many different mediums including sculpture, painting, mold casting, screen printing, glass, millinery, bronze, and FX makeup. As a part of the 3GT team, she is looking forward to creative collaborations and increasing our renown beyond San Francisco.

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