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Black Lives Matter.
Black Trans Lives Matter.
Black Joy Matters.
Black Art Matters.

3Girls Theatre is working to actively address the issues illuminated so effectively by our Black leaders. As a multi-racial, multi-generational organization, we understand that the work of combating racism in our company, community–and the wider world–will require our attention not just today, but every day.

We are committed to the work.

Before COVID-19 changed everything, 3GT’s 2020 performance schedule included productions of important work by Black women artists, including the world premiere of Cat Brooks’ award-winning play ‘Tasha and performances drawn from our 3GT Investigates program, which brings the voices of Black women to the stage. Although these productions have been indefinitely postponed due to the pandemic, centering the powerful contributions of our Black playwrights and collaborating artists remains imperative to us. We’ll be using our social media platforms to introduce you to the artists at the heart of these projects, and to preview their stories until the day (hopefully soon!) we can put them up for you at the theatre.

In the bigger picture, as we head into our 10th anniversary year, 3GT will be engaging in our first long-term strategic planning initiative (with the support of the San Francisco Arts Commission). Our formal plan will lay out strategies for purposefully increasing the representation of BIPOC women playwrights and collaborating artists in all of our programs (currently roughly 58% of our collaborators are white). We will be reviewing and developing policies to ensure we are actively pursuing equity in our organization. The plan will also facilitate ongoing anti-racist learning and restorative justice listening practices among our staff and our community to support the hard conversations and deep continued learning that are so needed.

Say Her Name:  Breonna Taylor.

Riah Milton. Dominique Fells. Oluwatoyin Salau. Nia Wilson.

Yuvette Henderson. Rekia Boyd.

Megan Hockaday. Sandra Bland. Natasha McKenna. And so many more…

At our founding in 2011, 3Girls Theatre was led by an all-white artistic team and served a largely white cohort of women playwrights. Since that time, we’ve made deliberate progress toward our goal to amplify the voices of women who truly reflect the diversity of our community. Today, 50% of 3GT’s leadership team is Black and/or Latinx. Last year we announced that going forward, our 3GT Investigates program--which commissions teams of playwrights to dramatize critical social justice issues--will focus exclusively on the lived experiences of BIPOC women, as told by BIPOC women. And our LezWritesBTQ program has a core commitment to draw at least half of its writers from the BIPOC queer, transgender and/or nonbinary community.

Like everyone in our industry, 3GT has a long way to go to address the systemic racism that permeates our art and culture. Our company leadership and artists are committed to doing the real work that comes next, and we welcome you to join us on our journey.  If you’d like to take part in any of our facilitated activities, or if you have feedback on other ways that 3GT might create space for BIPOC artists and audiences, just email with the subject line “Confronting Racism with 3GT.”

In Solidarity,

The  3GT Leadership Team

AJ Baker, Cat Brooks, Tina D’Elia, Leyla Eraslan, Sierra Marie Gonzales, Pamela Hollings, Zach Kopciak & Hannah Meyer

Getting Involved

3GT supports the following organizations that are working to protect Black lives and create positive change. These are but a few of the amazing organizations who are doing the work right now. If there’s an organization that you would like for us to highlight, please feel free to connect with us at Donate, volunteer, share the word!


Anti Police-Terror Project

Justice Teams Network

Community Ready Corps

Black Organizing Project

Black Housing Union/ACCE

Idriss Stelley Foundation

Justice for Mario Woods Coalition

SURJ Bay Area

Women's work...

on stage

where it belongs.

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