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2019 Highlights

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Each year we choose a theme for our New Works Festival to focus our work and help the community rally around important issues. In 2015 our theme was 3GT Celebrates Risky Women: Having Fun and Wreaking Havoc! We returned to Thick House in San Francisco from August 3 – August 9 for a full week of unique original events showcasing some of the biggest risk-takers in American theater– women playwrights! ​ We issued a call to pay attention to the need for women who break rules and defy the norm—values embodied by this year’s featured community and artistic collaborators, as well as by our women playwrights. It takes a lot of guts to bare your soul on the page and then put it up on stage for everyone to see. 3GT celebrates risk-taking women in arts, politics and beyond!


We were thrilled and grateful for the large turnout and enthusiastic audiences!

Some very special Risky Women were honored at the 2015 Festival:

AJ Baker, Salon Series Finalist and 3GT Co-founder & Artistic Director: August 3
Margery Kreitman, Salon Series Finalist and Curator, LezWrites! August 4
Nonie Green, NARAL Pro-Choice America Executive Committee, August 6
Pam Peniston, Co-founder & Artistic director Queer Cultural Center, August 7
Lisa Geduldig, Comedian and Creator/producer/MC of Kung Pao Kosher Comedy,

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